Barbara celine handbags Billingsley Dies

Barbara Billingsley Dies at 94. The woman who played Beavers mom, June Cleaver, will be remembered forever as The American Mother. One who watched Leave It To Beaver all those years can probably hear Bev say Gee, Wally, mom is dead! Ok that sounds a little crass, but it could be something Beaver would say to his brother. Eddie Haskel would say, you died wonderfully Mrs. Cleaver! Ok, if you never saw the show you wouldnt get it anyway.

Barbara Billingsley played the impossibly perfect mother and did it with class. Actor Jerry Mathers, who played Theodore Beaver Clever, once said in an interview that Barbara was a great actress whos talent was never allowed to shine through in the Leave It To Beaver scripts. Mothers throughout America wanted to be June Cleaver and that is a tribute to how well Barbra played the part as well as the story line. ET) Saturday at her home in California. She was born in Los Angeles and started out as a model in New York in 1936. Before she began the roll of June Cleaver in 1957, Barbara had been under contract with MGM since 1945. Leave It To Beaver went off the air just before the Kennedy assignation and the horrors of the Vietnam War entered our living rooms, we had to wake up to reality anyway, it was just as well.


Younger viewers might remember her from the 1980 movie Airplane where she played a character that seemed to be a spoof of June Cleaver as a passenger, complete with June Cleavers signature pearl necklace, who spoke Jive and translated what another said for the stewardess. Only Barbara Billingsley could have carried off that gag so well.